Golf Competition Management

BQGolf MScorecard (mobile devices) is an electronic scorecard designed to enter scores (stroke play) and results (match play) on each hole. The scores/results are then automatically transmitted to the main program BQGolf  for further processing. The scores and results can be displayed on a large TV screen or projector or additionally can be watched in real time by other users using program BQGolf Viewer or BQGolf MViewer .

All scores are stored in the device's memory and they can be viewed later.

Additionally a scorecard can be e-mailed to own or other recipients addresses.

The application can be used in two modes: competition and practice .

In competition mode all necessary data is received from the Committee. The Internet access is required in this mode.

In practice mode no Internet connection is required. Golf course information (hole lengths, pars, stroke indices, etc.) can be obtained at the reception of the club by scanning the appropriate QR code or receiving data from a Smart Card using NFC (Near Field Communication) technology.

Competition and golf course data can be shared between users by transferring it between their devices using either QR or NFC.

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Main Screen

Player Selection

Scoring (Stroke Play)

Scoring (Match Play)

Scoring (Yellow Ball)

Signing the scorecard

Leaderboard (Stroke Play)

Leaderboard (Match Play)

Golf Course Info

Statistics (Stroke Play)

Statistics (Match Play)


Leaderboard - Ryder Cup



Scorecards that can be e-mailed

Stroke Play

Match Play

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