Golf Competition Management

BQGolf MViewer (mobile devices) presents results of match play golf competitions in real time n various playing formats (match play, stroke play, league, yellow ball, 1-2-3 and more) .

If during the competition electronic scorecards are used (BQGolf MScorecard ) the user can observe match progress in real time. The results (in either stroke play or match play) are updated after each hole.

If electronic scorecards are not used then the results are entered to the system by the administrator using the main program (BQGolf ) and then uploaded to the cloud.

Mobile devices using BQGolf MViewer download new results (including the diagram) and display them on the designed pages.

The application periodically checks (at user defined time interval) for competition updates and when available downloads them and sends a notification to the player.

When the notification is touched the appropriate competition is loaded and the selected mach result is shown.

You can make a phone call or send a text message or an e-mail to any player in the players list.


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Use the following credentials to access demo competitions:

User: East Coast Golf Club

Password: Demo



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