Golf Competition Management

BQGolf main program (desktop/laptop computers) is the administrator’s console. When creating a new competition the administrator enters players' names and their handicaps. Then he/she selects a format of the competition. There are two major formats available: match play and stroke play. Each of these formats can be played using various sub-formats with different ways of scoring.

·  Match Play – can be played as either singles or pairs and as:

Cup – with or without qualification groups. If qualification groups are used the program will create the groups using options set by the administrator. The program will create a diagram of all matches that will be automatically updated after each match. The diagram is also customizable.

League – with or without predefined rounds. If rounds are used the program will create schedule of all possible (required) matches. Additionally a way in which matches are scored can be defined by the administrator.

Ryder Cup – the Committee can decide on number of singles, foursomes and four-balls and also a number of days/rounds over which the competition is to be played.

Watch Match Play Demo on YouTube.

·  Stroke Play – scores can be calculated as:



Gross Stableford

Nett Stableford

Points (defined by the administrator).

Additionally several variations of the stroke play format can be used:

n Best Rounds- calculates total scores of n best rounds in a multi-round competition

Yellow Ball

1-2-3– also known as Cha-Cha-Cha.

Also count back (8 steps) can be calculated for top or all players.
The program also creates starting groups.
The handicaps can be restricted for each competition and the players can be divided in user defined handicap groups.

Watch Stroke Play Demo on YouTube.

During the competition, when electronic scorecards are used (BQGolf MScorecard), the players enter their scores (stroke play) or hole results (match play) on their mobile devices. The scores/results are automatically transmitted to the main program for further processing and can be displayed on a large screen or projector. Once the competition ends all scores are already summed up and there is no need to enter anything manually.
However the scores can be entered manually if there is such a need or electronic scorecards (BQGolf MScorecard ) are not used.
The scores/results can be altered by the Committee using the main program only. Players are not allowed to do any alterations once their scorecards have been certified.
Finally the program will create various documents in MS Word and PDF which can be e-mailed from the program to all players.
All scores and diagrams are uploaded to a cloud. Then desktop/laptop devices using BQGolf Viewer and mobile devices using BQGolf MViewer download the new results (including the diagram) and display them on the designed pages.

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